I've Been Trying to Avoid Working in the Sales and Marketing Industry for YEARS!

I hate the fact that I can’t earn a steady income in most sales jobs. BUT I just keep coming back! I’ve been a realtor, account executive, I’ve done direct sales, and MLM. Why do I keep going back? Because I’m freaking good at it!

I have helped the companies I’ve worked for grow their businesses in HUGE ways. I think my favorite part of it all has been learning the digital marketing side of things. I remember in my first job as a Realtor (we didn’t even have smart phones yet) I was looking for ways to teach myself how to reach potential buyers without annoying them with cold calling. I wanted them to use me as their agent because I have built trust with them, they have seen my work, they have seen what other buyers have said about me and they wanted what I had to offer. That has been an approach I’ve stuck with! (Except that one time I did direct sales for a fitness company and they told me the only way I was going to make it was to FB message every person with an account…Sorry guys!)

Anyways, like I said, I was tired of the unreliable income AND giving most of my earnings to the company I was working for. I actually decided about 5 years ago, I was going to do whatever I had to so I could get out of the sales industry. I started nursing school. I LITERALLY dropped out 5 times. I loved the school part and the challenge of it but when I thought of myself as an actual nurse, I could never see myself being happy doing it. AND all the while I was earning side income from being asked by businesses, realtors, influencers, and direct sales mamas if I could help them grow their presence online.

It finally clicked for me, I was never going to be happy or content until I was doing what I love and what I was good at full-time!

So, I told my husband I was dropping out to pursue a career back in digital marketing and he was like “okay…again…cool.”

I wasn’t quite sure exactly what direction I wanted this to go. Was I going to work for someone else? Was I going to sell something? Was it going to be real estate again? Thats when I decided to take a leap, start my own business and help people increase their influence on social media. That’s what I’m best at! I could probably make more $$ working for someone else but I’m tired of saying no to my passions.

I’m SO excited to get going and get your influence GROWING! I’ve been doing some serious training and getting my website, blogs, social media updated to reflect me now being my own CEO!!! #bossbabe #mompreneur

If you are frustrated with the amount of time, money, and work it takes to keep up or even grow your online presence. I can help AND because I’m trying to launch my business, I am offering some AMAZING deals that you will not see anywhere else.

Message me or arrange a 15 minute discovery call with me and lets see if we are a good fit!

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