5 Steps to Improving Your Instagram Game

How to Improve Your Instagram Game in 5 Easy Steps

Instagram is probably our most favorite platform to work on. It is the fastest growing social media platform in 2019 and is set to surpass Facebook soon. It’s not just for the young crowd anymore. Every demographic is on Instagram now so don’t overlook it when you are looking to expand your online presence.

Tip One: Decide on a theme and stick to it.

What’s your theme?

Is it going to be perfectly curated?

…or are you going to post more real everyday unedited content like this?

Are your photos going to have writing, quotes and words?

…or no words just pictures

This is our favorite part of strategizing with clients. We get to really put their voice and interests into their pages. We encourage you have fun with the platform and really experiment with what you think best represents you.

If you really want your photos to be consistent, use the same presets for every photo. You can use Instagram’s presets, buy a package of presets online, or, if you are great at photo editing, use your own presets.

Tip Two: Contrary to popular belief, people do still read captions.

People are reading your captions and if you can tell a story that gets their attention they will take action. Make them laugh, cry, or even make them outraged. But don’t waste your opportunity to share even more.

Get the audience even more engaged by asking a question or asking for input on a decision you are making. You are building a community so create a place people engage with you and one another.

And…don’t forget to use those hashtags so people can search you out! We work with clients to come up with 20 to 30 hashtags that best represent the type of audiences they want to find theirs. We then use these hashtags strategically to include in each post. This saves you time from having to come up with new hashtags for every post.

Tip Three: Just Put it out there!

You can spend entirely too much time thinking of the perfect photo to take, editing it for days, and spending hours writing the perfect post to go with your photo but guess what – people are going to lose interest if you only post once in a while.

It’s better to post something than nothing at all. I know there are some people who very firmly believe in only putting out the most amazing, beautifully curated content ever. We disagree! For the purpose of building up your page, stepping up your Instagram game AND for your own sanity. Don’t spend TOO much time on one post.

We post for our clients at least one to two stories a day and three to four photos a week. You can do more or less depending upon your industry standards.

Tip Four: Engage With Your Potential Audience

Search hashtags and then follow, comment, or like pages with similar interests to you or your business. Be careful not to go too crazy with this one though. Instagram is cracking down on spam accounts that like, follow, comment too much. We try to really search out people that we know would be a good fit for us to follow and for them to follow us. Then we comment on one of their posts we relate to or like a cute photo. We might even DM them if we really think we would connect.

Tip Five: STOP Leading with What You Want Your Followers to Buy from You

Your followers are not following you so you can hassle them every five seconds to buy your candles, jewelry, makeup, fitness program, etc. Nothing turns a potential customer off like you leading with the sale.

If you have followed TAG’s steps, you probably have a pretty interesting page and THAT is why they are going to be following you. Take your time with your audience and build their trust. Show them that you are an authority in whatever niche or market you are in by sharing resources, facts, free information, and guides. Even better, make them feel like they know you by giving them glimpses into your everyday life. THEN maybe every one or two posts out of 10 could be you encouraging them to buy, join, or receive services from you.

We promise you, people can sniff out someone who is only in it for a sale from a mile away so be genuine, build relationships, and earn their trust.

We hope these tips help as you work to expand your Instagram following. What tips or tricks have worked really well for you?

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